Tete Azhar AlPatool

  • The beginning was in 1998 and obvious means of production continues, bathing and hands soap, antiseptics and disinfectants, powder regular washing machines and automated without packaging in the form of Dghama or hyperthyroidism and the real start was in 2005 to now, there are nearly 50 items

Our Services

Washing Powder

available washing powder for washing machine and washing regular remove spots and maintain the quality of the clothes and colors and leaves a refreshing smell on clothes

Hair Shampoo

We have a shampoo suitable for all hair types makes the hair silky and more streamlined strengthens long and shining hair because it contains natural oils and moisturizers

House cleaning

We offer several types of detergents and disinfectants and removers to clean the glass spots, flooring, marble, aluminum surfaces, bathrooms and laundries

Children Shampoo

this shampoo is kind rich with foam don’t harm children eyes leaves hair clean damp suitable for dry and sensitive skin

Our Products


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